Just What Is It That We Do?

We help parents of children with high functioning autism understand how their child's brain works, so they can relax knowing their child has the same opportunities as everyone else.

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What We Have Found


What we have found is being a parent of autistic kids can be exhausting and overwhelming. There’s a massive lack of certainty and everybody seems to be saying “try this” (new thing).

As one of these parents, we can often live in fear, wondering when the sitter, grandparents, school or camp program will call us to come pick up our kid.

We can feel guilty about not being able to work and contribute in our careers.

Sometimes, we avoid group events, so we don’t have to deal with potential explosions and explanations. Our peer parents really have no clue what life is like for us and our kids.

At the same time, we just know there has to be something better. While all the therapies, medications, diets and feel-good blog posts help a little, there has to be more

Traditional counseling, medications, occupational therapy and diet do help some - but it’s still a struggle. The parenting styles we know inherently seem to fail and we’re exhausted saying “no” all the time. Parents can feel all alone, overwhelmed, and that they have to give up their social life and career. Where are the results?

And, do I really have to become a lawyer, physician, counselor, yogi and teacher to serve my children?

And, the science shows us that that, unchecked, this pattern results in stressors to our kids that have lifelong consequences - including 5x the rate of heart disease, diabetes and higher suicide risks.

The reality is that things will NEVER improve for these parents until they apply proven, brain-based approaches with consistent outcomes. This approach, which any parent can learn and do, creates lasting resilience and helps their family thrive - no matter the circumstances.

This approach, backed by decades of neuroscience, literally builds new neural pathways for their kids. They can move forward and leave the drama behind. 

Once and for all, parents of autistic children can put the pieces together.

The fastest way to calm behavior is to drop conventional parenting techniques and focus instead on this evidence-based approach that produces consistent results.

By just doing these 3 simple things, you can have your kids listen to you - every time, all the time.

The best way to have your child do well is to stop trying new therapies and medicines, and instead focus on this easy approach that takes just 5 minutes a day.

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What Our Clients Say

"Working with Chris has been a breath of fresh air, compared to our attempts to handle this behavior before.  Less blow up, less fighting, less drama, and I am able to stay calm and assess without the reactivity.  My son will come up to me for a snuggle, and a hug, and will talk to me now.  It's amazing!   More parents truly need to learn what Chris is teaching. " - Kristen K.