The BEST Way To Start Your Kid’s Days Now

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

Five Simple Ways To Set-Up Your Kids For a Win


As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want them to learn skills that help their lives and future careers, and engage them where they are at.

However, the reality is that we often find ourselves in survival mode - extended, overwhelmed and anxious. In 2020, that certainly has been more difficult with the pandemic, social unrest, election year, and variety of school changes. 

Teaching our kids advanced coping skills is a new “must have”, as there will certainly be many things for them to handle now, and in their future. Building their ability to be resilient, no matter the situation, will increase their success and enjoyment of their lives. 

In the past,  methods for this have included months of counseling, medications, self-help books, diet changes and camp programs. While useful approaches for some, there’s actually an easy (and free) method you can start to do now. It’s only a few...

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Do These 3 Things for Drama-Free Kid Schedules

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Teach Resilience With This Template and 20 Other Ideas


As parents, just managing our own schedules can be a challenge. 


With school from home, there’s the added layer of making sure our kids are “in” class and prepared for their days. Balancing all of this in our minds can be maddening, so we wanted to offer a strategy to help.


Imagine if your kiddos could create and manage their own schedules? Would that feel less stressful to you (one less thing to juggle)? Do you think that would teach them some valuable life skills?


To help get you there, parent friends, we create a few easy tools to help you out.


We’ll walk you through three practical steps you can use right now - how to teach your kids about their schedule, using a template you can fill out online (or print out), and 20 ideas for awesome breaks from online learning.


Teaching Your Kids About Schedules


When explaining scheduling to your child, make...

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Easily Use Heroes to Help You Parent

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2020


Ever have a parent freak-out moment? 

Does the thought of balancing school from home and work from home make you anxious and seem like a disaster? 

Did your kids do something that you never expected, and you aren’t sure how to handle it, or who to turn to?

If any of the above are true, you aren’t alone, and this simple process can help you out, right now.

For a moment, think about who your “parenting heroes” are. These can be real people - grandparents, your parents, and others you think would be great parents. They can also be made-up people - some movie characters, even what you imagine an animal (like an owl) to be as a parent  - whatever works for you. 

Stay with us here. It may seem silly but it’s rooted in brain science. Also remember, you probably already watch 2-3 hours of fantasy TV daily, that isn’t helping you out that much. So, use that part of your imagination to support yourself a bit here.

What Would...

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Why It’s Not A Tragedy

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2020

3 Ways To Make School From Home Your Jam


If your Facebook and Instagram feeds are like mine, they are full of people complaining about school from home. They are upset about having to work from home, and school from home. Some are worried about balancing their work, and maintaining their sanity.

Clearly these posts are from those who are overwhelmed and struggling.

Certainly, I get being stressed and overwhelmed. As a father of two kids who struggle, as the primary wage earner, caregiver, and accountable for many other’s careers, I get that stress. There’s more to do, we have to get very creative, resourceful, and somehow keep our cool. The daily balancing act of school, work, doctor appointments, staying healthy, and just being a family is more challenging right now.

However, at the same time, many of us are incredibly fortunate. We have plenty of food, shelter and clothing. We have dozens of entertainment options. Our families are generally healthy. We have some...

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Learn How To Stay Positive This Fall

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2020

3 Lessons From A Leaf On Being Happy

Looking out at my window yesterday, I noticed a few leaves already falling.

Whoa. In some ways, it’s been a slow summer, and in some ways, a very quick one.


Yes, it’s certainly still summer right now, but there are some early achiever leaves falling already.


As one of the big maple leaves fell, it struck me - what perspective would that leaf have? 


Would it be sad that summer was over? 


Would it be scared to leave its friends? 


Would it be okay at peace with it’s passing? 


Would it enjoy the ride it had been admiring for weeks?


Let’s stay with our leaf’s story here for just a bit. Consider how a different audiences would view this leaf falling:


  • Busy homeowners may see leaves falling as an endless fall chore, and one more thing they have to do in a busy time. 
  • Artists may see the change of season as beauty and a time to contemplate,...
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11 Million Reasons To Get Help - and Five Easy Ways to Do It

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

Five Easy Ways to Go From Survival Mode to Thriving

Over 11.7 million kids will be in a “remote learning only” situation starting this fall, with another 3 million in a “hybrid” model (source: Education Week).


This means 14 million families need to figure out how to balance work from home (if they can), school from home, and the resulting strains this puts on their families.


While there’s certainly some great opportunities, this can lead to family stress, in an already tough year. Many parents are also concerned about the effects of additional screen time on their kids. Several studies show that there can be developmental delays with excessive screen time (source: Journal of American Pediatrics).


Here are Five Ways to Help Your Family Thrive, regardless of these circumstances:


  1. Take at Least Two, 20-minute Family Breaks a Day - Make sure you and your kiddos get away from your screens for at least two, 20-minute times a day....
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