Use These Science-Backed Methods to Handle Even the Trickiest Classroom Situations!

Learn how to quickly transform ANY challenging behavior in seconds… without yelling, punishments, or giving rewards. 


***This course is NOTHING like anything you’ve ever tried because these strategies are not normally accessible to teachers.

But, now they are – and they work EVERY TIME!


Fall 2021 – The Start of The New ‘School’ Normal

One thing is for certain… the pandemic has created MASSIVE uncertainty! And, if you’re like most teachers, you may be asking yourself…

  • How will the transition back to school be?
  • How can I get my students back on track after the year they’ve had?
  • What new challenges are waiting for me in the Fall?
  • Am I really even ready to be back in the classroom?

That’s why knowing how to navigate any and all behavioral challenges that WILL arise is so important right now.

Imagine if you could get your students to listen without having to yell over the confusion.

What would it mean to walk into class without the intense anxiety not knowing what the day will bring?

Think about the peace you’ll feel because your students are ready to learn, can stay focused, and are motivated throughout the day – (with no bribes or rewards needed).

That’s exactly the comments we hear from teachers who go through this incredible program.

They went from chaotic classrooms that were poor reflections of their teaching abilities to…

harmonious places to learn where every student was excelling above and beyond the benchmarks.

That’s not all…

The number of distractions, behavioral issues, and classroom complaints were SIGNIFICANTLY down!


Because they mastered how to reach each student with a scientific-backed approach that gets results – not just ‘sometimes’ – but EVERY TIME!

See for yourself...

Joy Thompson

Wow! These are powerful research-based tools, with a fun twist. The programs are helping my partner and I with our co-parenting journey. The activities are easy to implement with excellent examples we can all relate to. Chris is amazing! I appreciate his calm and approachable style.

Kristy Smith Kowalczyk

In our house, it often feels like herding cats to get out of the door with 3 kids ages 9, 7 and 5 and it is usually super stressful to me as a parent. The course outlined an approach that never occurred to me. We tried Chris' techniques of using visualization and affirmations and so far it has definitely made a difference. My kids are noticeably happier and I am also more at ease getting our day started together vs. defaulting to battle mode.

Rebecca Masney

I really liked that the lessons were short, Chris has a calm voice which makes it nice to listen to. The lessons are also very affirming. I love the activities to help ingrain the lesson in our minds and make us feel like we are doing something to change our routine. I also liked the review of the previous lesson to help the information to stick.

Now, before you jump into the course (you’ll love it when you do) we want to dive deeper into why this course is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.


First, it is designed specifically with the new pandemic stressors you’ll experience in mind AND it brings THE best (and most proven) neuroscience approaches together to create…


...A system that will undoubtedly help you…

Unleash Your Students’ Brilliance!


Here’s how:

  • Explode Your Teaching Performance 

You’ll get clear on how your students’ brains work so you can develop the best approaches to rapidly expand their learning and growth through the school year. Not only is this amazing for your students but you’ll be able to have your classroom truly represent the incredible talents you bring. 

  • Powerfully Reach Every Student

No matter how your students learn or what challenges they may have, you’ll be able to quickly assess what to do to connect with them, where they are. That way your students can stay productive throughout the day, avoid constant interruptions, and eliminate emotional outbursts.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

The strategies that you’ll learn are simple but will take time to master. The course is 100% flexible, so you can go at your own pace and fully maximize your time in the program. Plus, we’ll keep you on track with email drips of content and time management tools to make sure you retain all of the key information!

  • Results That Speak For Themselves 

Once you learn the proven, 5-minute approach to transform student behavior, you’ll have more fun in the classroom and be able to step into your zone of genius all the time. And, getting results won’t take months or all school year to achieve… many teachers start seeing results within the first few weeks of the program!


Now, let’s dive into what exactly you’ll get when you enroll.


But, before we do, we want to be honest about one thing…

I’ve stacked some of THE most advanced strategies into this course.

Strategies that are scientifically-proven to work to get students to pay attention more often…

…positively resolve conflicts on their own…

…AND be an active participant in their education.

That means this course literally has EVERYTHING that you need to know how to create the peaceful, productive, and purpose-filled classroom you’ve always wanted!


Here’s The Powerful Next Step You’ll Want to Take (...Like Now!)

When you enroll today — for just $197 $147, you’ll get immediate access to:
  • Full Digital Program (value $2,497). There are over 30 lessons of straightforward content - rooted in neuroscience and psychology so you can master the art of getting your students to listen and learn all the time.
  • In The Classroom Applications (value $497). Never guess or be confused about how to implement the strategies you’ll learn. We will show you step-by-step how to put it all into action with real-world, classroom-based scenarios. This way you’ll know just what to look for and exactly how to maximize every lesson in this program.
  • EFT Tapping for Kids (value $997). Want to know how to give kids positive coping strategies to navigate their emotions? With this free program add-on, you’ll discover how to help your students use tapping to stay calm and focused in the classroom.
  • Dozens of Other Bonuses (value $1,997). We’re always adding MORE bonuses to the program to make sure you have everything you need to step into a chaos-free classroom. Don’t worry… these are complimentary bonuses as our way to say “thank you” for trusting us to help you and your students.
  • PLUS!!!! 3 Graduate-Level Credits Are Available Not only will your new classroom speak for itself. But, you could be eligible to get Continuing Education credits to meet your professional development requirements!

That’s A LOT of brand new strategies and frameworks that aren’t usually available to teachers - and definitely not at this affordable price.

If you enrolled in each of these programs separately, and paid the full retail price, you’d have to pay at least $5,985.

But, you won’t pay ANYWHERE near that price.

When you enroll today, you’ll get everything above for just one single small payment of $197  $147.

That’s an instant 98% off!

Take Me To The Course!

Just think about that for a second… 

For $197  $147, you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to... 

  • Enjoy calm, instead of turmoil, as your new go-to…

  • Use science-backed and evidence-based approaches to handle behavior issues - that work every time…

  • Mold resilient, self-sufficient, and creative problem solvers, who are no longer stuck…

  • Eliminate explosive behavior so you don’t have to worry about blow-ups…

  • Pinpoint how your students learn best so you can create better life outcomes for them AND be better informed for IEP meetings…

  • Save time in the classroom because you have less disruptions and fewer set backs – starting within the first few weeks of the program!

Alejandra Ara Alkema

I loved that I've been able to get closer to my kid as I observe her behavior and communicate with her about what is bothering her. I am able to understand better that she's not only not out to get me, I am dealing with someone who needs to be show the way and given tools to deal with her own emotions. This course had a lot of value for me and my family and I'm encourage to see our relationship is improving because of it.

Keri St. Charles

I have started implementing some parts of this formula and the steps toward a calmer more peaceful morning. In less than 2 weeks we are already seeing drastic results in the way our mornings are running. I don't have to remind everyone as often what to do next, the kids aren't running around, screaming, pestering each other or fighting. Learning and applying what Chris has given me for tools has definitely helped. I have tried many things through the years and so far this method by far has had the best and quickest results.

Bridget Henson

The formula is brilliant. The exercise to think about how we feel when someone orders us to do something was mind blowing. I have never thought that is what I was doing all day long to my kiddos. I really need to stop and start treating them with respect.

If you’ve gotten this far on the page and haven’t enrolled yet, then let me share one more important thing with you because you’re probably wondering...


What Makes Empathy First So Different?


This program is the first of its kind that not only teaches you proven science-backed and evidence-based solutions.

It also includes the personal touch of a parent who uses this with their own children.

Leveraging decades of neuroscience, accelerating learning techniques and dozens of studies - this program "brings it home" – in practical steps, every teacher can take.

Instead of being exhausted, frustrated and angry - you'll begin to really enjoy your students everyday.

After spending over 8 years and $80k in our own journey, we came up with proven solutions that work for every kid – all the time.

So, instead of you wasting time on courses and strategies that don’t (and frankly won’t ever work) – I’ve put everything together in one easy-to-follow course that WILL get you results in just a few weeks.

Bottom line: Empathy First eliminates the guesswork, the fingers crossed, AND the hoping on a wing and a prayer that you may need with other courses.

Only an open mind and a desire to truly help your students is required!

If you’re on this page, then we already know that you have both.


Yes! I'm Ready To Start!

Remember… This Program is THE Ultimate Win-Win-Win!

Win 1 - Graduate Level Credits (3) are available. You’ll be able to powerfully advance your career as you create new superpowers in the classroom!

Win 2 - Empowered Teaching. These new skills will help you showcase your teaching talents AND better serve your students to learn significantly more all year.

Win 3 - Calm Classrooms Again. With this advanced knowledge, you'll enjoy more calm in your teaching experiences and actually look forward to the alarm clock going off in the morning. 


You Only Have The Classroom Chaos to Lose
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee *


Did we mention, you can try the entire course – risk free?!? 

If you put in the work, and the strategies aren’t working for you, just let us know and we will refund the $197 $147 you paid today! *

But, chances are VERY good, you’ll see major shifts in behavior… massive breakthroughs in the classroom… and overall better student performance that asking for your money back will be THE farthest thing from your mind.

In fact, we have lots of teachers write to us saying that the results they’ve seen are SO good that we need to charge way MORE for this program.

So, take the next logical step to make sure September will go off without a behavioral hitch and enroll in the course TODAY :)

Yes! I'm Ready To Enroll!

DISCLAIMER:  The figures stated above are the results of my own experience and those of my private clients. We make use of applying many proven methods and leverage their respective backings and evidence bases. For clarity, my results are not typical and I’m not suggesting you’ll duplicate them. However, I will do my very best to show you a path to do so. I have the benefit of many years of experience applying these techniques, advanced trainings in neuroscience, accelerated learning and parenting. Many people who buy any “self improvement" approaches realize little to no results, if they aren’t willing to follow the suggested strategies, make changes and work at it consistently. All successful teachers and parents deal with challenges and improvements require persistence and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS COURSE.
* Details of our refund policy are in our Terms and Conditions.

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